General conditions

These conditions form part of all agreements concerning (or connected with) services provided by Houtappel advocatenkantoor ("HA").

1.     Houtappel advocatenkantoor is a one-man business. Only Dutch law will govern the relationship between HA and its instructing parties, clients and other parties or persons involved (below jointly: the  "Clients").

2.     If through or in connection with the provision of services for a client/commissioning party under an engagement or otherwise, any damage, loss or injury is caused to persons or things for which HA, or one or more persons in its employ, are liable, such liability shall be limited to the amount which is paid under HA’s professional liability policy in the matter concerned. Liability of HA for any form of indirect or consequential losses is excluded; liability for direct loss for which HA (for whatever reason) has no cover at all under any insurance, shall be limited in all cases to the total twice the amount of the invoices sent by HA in the matter concerned which have been timely paid, with a maximum of EUR 10,000,--. No set-off shall be permitted.

3.    Notwithstanding the effect of article 6:89 of the Civil Code, any right against HA to indemnification or damages shall be forfeited in any case six months after the Clients has become aware of any event which may lead to liability of HA. 
4.     The Clients will indemnify and hold harmless HA in respect of all claims and demands from third parties which arise out of, or are connected with, the instructions given to HA and will reimburse HA the reasonable costs of a defense against such claims  

5.    Payment of invoices from HA must be made within 14 days after the invoice date, unless agreed otherwise. 

6.    The Court of Rotterdam shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide all disputes between HA and the Clients, but HA reserves the right to file suit against the Clients, in connection with payment of invoices or an indemnity as referred to above, before a Court which would (also) be competent without the above choice  of jurisdiction.